Hro DC: Chapter 2 - Black Adam 2-pack Premium

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Unlock the DC Multiverse - Join a global community of DC fans, crypto enthusiasts, and trading card collectors to collect, trade, buy, and compete as you venture deeper into the world of DC than ever before. Within Hro's platform, you'll discover iconic artwork that brings your favorite DC Super Heroes, Super-Villains, locations, gadgets, battles, and more to life in entirely new ways. And don't forget to complete daily activities, communicate with other fans, grow your collection, and stay up-to-date on the latest news so you can rise to the top of the leaderboards while unlocking special rewards/experiences!

Hro Hybrid NFT Trading Cards - Your gateway to a NEW ERA of collecting. Hro bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds with hybrid NFT trading cards. Through the Hro platform, fans can unlock a 1:1 digital NFT twin, minted on Immutable X (an Ethereum-based carbon-neutral Layer2 blockchain), by scanning a QR code on each physical trading card. Doing so will grant users 24/7 access to their collections as well as the opportunity to grow them within a global marketplace of fans. And don't worry: you can trade there with the trust and security enabled by Blockchain technology, including Proof of Authenticity and Ownership for EACH asset. Hro Hybrid NFT trading cards are made for fans and open to everyone.

2-pack Premium includes:

  • (1) Packs of 7 Cards (5 Base Cards + 2 Ltd Edition Cards)
  • (1) Premium Pack of 8 cards (includes 1 Premium Movie Card- Justice Society collection)