Dragon Ball Super: 5th Anniversary Set [BE21]

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Revamped Special Anniversary Set!
To celebrate Dragon Ball Super's 5th anniversary, this product is focused on amazing new cards, including great cards that will power up any deck of any color!

Guaranteed SCR!
Three of the most popular SCRs are back as reprint cards with new illustrations! One set containing one random card, making this a must-buy item!

Card Boosters with New Gameplay Mechanic!
A booster pack with 12 random cards from a total of 18 new gimmick cards with new text! These powerful, new gimmick cards encourage the purchase of multiple sets!

Gorgeous Storage Box with Gold Stamp for 5th Anniversary!
Gorgeous storage box with Gold Stamp on all sides! No doubt it will catch users' eyes!

Dragon Ball Super: 5th Anniversary Set contains:

  • (18) new cards x 2 cards = 36 cards (Silver Foil cards; 18 types)
  • (2) 5th Anniversary booster packs x 12 cards per pack = 24 cards (Silver Foil cards; 18 types to collect)
  • (1) SCR pack x 1 card per pack = 1 card (Holo and Gold Stamp Alt-Art cards; 3 types to collect)
  • (1) Revision set x 28 Errata cards = 28 cards (normal cards; 28 types)
  • (1)pack of 66 sleeves (4 types to collect)
  • (1) storage box (1 type)