2022 Upper Deck Marvel WandaVision Hobby

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Collect trading cards and reminisce highlights from the acclaimed show!

Treasured finds include actor autographs, technology cards, and original art sketch cards!

Collect the 90 card Base Set! Encounter a wide variety of Parallels!

Add stunning and irresistible Technology Cards to your collection!

    2022 Upper Deck Marvel WandaVision Hobby Box Hits:

    • (1) Premium Hit from the following:
      • Wanda’s Reality Plexiglass Card
      • 1-of-1 Printing Plate
      • Autograph Card
      • Original Art Sketch Card
      • Agatha All Along or We Interrupt this Program Patterned Foilboard Card
      • An additional One Lifetime or another Manufactured Film Cel Card
    • (1-2) One Lifetime or Manufactured Film Cel Card
    • (1) Serial Numbered Parallel

    15 packs per box, 6 cards per pack