2022 Jersey Fusion Football Edition

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Each Jersey Fusion is an original collectible trading card and a special game used swatch by the player(s) on the card!

Each Jersey Fusion is sealed, and special editions are individually numbered on the acrylic swatch card! The seal may be broken - but then the Fusion is gone... the authentic card and the swatch card would be then enjoyed separately in their original state.

Each Jersey Fusion will also have an authenticating card with QR code to bring this level of transparency to all collectors.

The original trading cards are ones purchased in the open market. They are authentic, as issued by each manufacturer. A large variety of cards are included - Rookie Cards, Short Prints, Vintage and more.

2021 Jersey Fusion Football Edition Hits:

  • 1 authentic player worn swatch and original trading card per box.
  • At least (2) Premium Jersey Fusions (including Fusions numbered from 1 to 25) per display

1 card per box, 10 boxes per display