Instant Post Approval

Gain instant approval on all posts and live feeds in the CB Hobby Facebook group.  This subscription, when activated, will post your posts live to the group immediately upon submission, there is no waiting for moderator approval.

CB Hobby Facebook Group

Please note that activation is not instant, once you pay, we have to manually set your account to instant approval, this can take up to 24 hours depending on the time and date. 

This service is beneficial as it eliminates wait time and also gives your post more exposure as it won't be approved in a block of other posts at the same time.  

While on instant post approval, you are still required to adhere to all group rules (both pinned in announcements and in the group rules section).  This group is for Buy Sell and Trade posts ONLY!  All items must be coined with your name and the current date.  No breaks, razz, mystery bags, or anything in the prohibited list are allowed to be posted.  Violation of these rules, or any group rules, will result in your being muted, taken off post approval or removed from the group and your subscription canceled.

Group Rules from the Admins

1. Coin All Posts/List Prices/Product You Don't Own
We require you include your name and CURRENT date on paper in the photo, as well as a price/trade value on any item listed for sale. Any posts with products in carts or on shelves will be denied.

2. PayPal Goods and Services Preferred
All transactions should be done via PayPal Goods & Services, if you want to risk using other payment services, the choice is yours.  We can/will not help anyone recover money that didn't use G&S.

3. Stax, Dice, Auctions, Fire Sales, Games
You must follow all group rules to run any games.  Stax, Dice, Auctions and Fire Sales do not require permission, but any rules being broken will result in the live being deleted.

4. Breaks, Razz, Rip and Ship, Mystery Packs
Only admins are permitted to rip packs, post breaks, razz, or rip and ship.  Mystery Packs not allowed.  Any violations of this rule will result in removal from the group without notice.

5. No Links, Spam, Other Group Promotions
Promotion of any groups, pages, websites, logos, spam, irrelevant links, social media, or anything alike aren't allowed and will be removed without warning and you will be muted.

6. No Posts Linking to eBay
We do not allow posts to eBay listings or stores, they will be removed and you will be muted for 24 hours.  If you are going to post the card here, sell it here.  eBay for comps is fine.

7. No Pokemon/Non Sports Related Items
This is for sports cards and sports collectibles only. 

8. Hijacking/Sniping Posts
Do not take over a post that isn't yours or offer items for sale in others posts.  Make a new post.  Comments that hijack or snipes posts will be removed and will result in you being muted.

9. Be Nice and No Whining
This group is to enjoy.  No whining, name calling, threats or douchebaggery or you will be muted.  If you see something you don't like, keep scrolling.  This is a no Karen zone.

10. Admin Discretion
Admins may delete your post, mute you, or put you on post approval without notice for any reason.  It is our sole discretion to remove content that is useless to the community.

By Subscribing, you agree that you will adhere to all group rules.  This subscription will automatically rebill each month on your join date until canceled. 

I agree, Subscribe